Solar Energy

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Solar Energy is a fast growing technology in today’s world and the use of solar panels to generate electricity is increasing in popularity. You will probably have noticed the growing number of solar panels being installed on the house roofs in your local area. Sometimes mistaken for being only suitable for sunny climates, Solar Photovoltaics (Solar PV) work incredibly well within the UK’s often less than sunny northern hemisphere climate.

A Solar PV system works by capturing the sun’s energy through the photovoltaic cells. The PV cells convert this energy into electricity which will then be used to power lighting, appliances and electrical equipment within the home or workplace. As the PV cells don’t require direct sunlight, electricity can still be generated on a cloudy day, making it an ideal renewable energy choice for the UK.

As part of the Renewable Energy Association, we have experience in carrying out Solar PV Installations. If you are interested in finding out more about using a PV system to generate your electricity and reducing the cost of your bills, contact MJB Electrical & Solar Services for further details.